Remco Hofman

Brand Identity Designer

With a clear-cut brand and visuals, I help your audience understand who you really are.
For lasting relationships. Greater loyalty. And sustained success.

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Deep design and visuals. Your key to sustained success.

For over 20 years, I have been helping organizations to discover and express their identity through imagery. It’s far more than a job. It’s a lifestyle. Get the best possible start with a Deep Dive, or finetune existing material and reinvent yourself through a Deep Refresh. By exploring the essential nature of your organization, we reveal and communicate your core. Your benefit? A following that understands you, develops stronger loyalty and greater attachment.

Brand Identity

Get the best possible start for your new venture with a Deep Dive. Define your brand DNA and express it through visuals. Be transparent about what you represent. Your audience will appreciate it.

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Reconnect with your audience and start making the most of your brand again. A Deep Refresh will put you back on track by realigning your visual identity with your current brand values. Your audience needs to know who you are NOW, not who you once were.

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About Brand Identity

Visual brand identity is as simple and as complex as the clothes we wear. We choose our clothes to express who we are. You should be equally clear in your choice of visuals for your organisation.

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Remco Hofman

Design is my greatest passion. I’ve been helping companies to express who they are visually for over 20 years, and still enjoy the process..

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