A Deep Refresh puts you back in touch with your audience, and helps you to make best possible use of your existing brand. Markets change. You have probably changed. Has your visual identity changed with you? I help to put the situation right.

Deep Refresh®

With a Deep Refresh, we take another look at your brand identity and values, and refresh your imagery to better reflect who you are as an organisation. We then use this to refresh your company collateral – your website, your logo, your brochure, etc.

Here we bring together the results of the workshop/meeting, and reflect on what we have learned. We identify your key drivers, look at how the values fit together, and what this means for the design. Happy-go-lucky? Techy? Serious? All this has an impact on the next step: Create…

I guess it’s fair to say that this is where the magic happens. As your designer, I will now translate your values into a design. Colour, fonts, shape and visual tonality. And how they fit together to create a harmonious unity.

The aim of this stage is to ensure you recognise yourself in the designs I present. You need to look at the result and think – yes, that’s us, or me! Generally I will present three designs, or three directions from which you can choose the one with which you feel most at home. Which best reflects who you are and what you stand for.

The final stage is to activate your new look and feel. Now that we’ve translated values into image, we need to put them to paper, or any manner of electronic format. If you’re the happy-go-lucky organisation, this activation will be playful and fun. The more serious type gets the more serious material.

This is the proof of the pudding. Check with some target audiences whether they think we got it right. Do some test runs to see the response. Exciting times ahead, and one with which you will attract the audience and loyalty that will drive your future success.

The result

Natural communications and messaging. Best use of your potential. And stronger relationships.

Ready for a Deep Refresh?

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