SIVI is a company in Utrecht in the Netherlands that specialises in digitising standards. Optimising processes and exchanging information. All focused on the digital future.

Why did they approach us?

SIVI’s imagery was missing the digital feeling and did not express the professional level and innovation that the company stands for.

How did we approach this?

SIVI’s material is as complex as it is fascinating. It contains a wealth of information and therefore plenty of creative chances to create a new and fresh image. The opportunity to go in-depth into the material was essential for the success of this project. Following the ‘essentials’ workshop we presented three attractive image-rich corporate identity proposals.

What was the result?

A dynamic identity that takes the viewer into the digital process. Each graphic element contains large angular pixels. In printouts, these shapes appear as beautiful, pastel-coloured surfaces and in digital expressions the pixels even come to life. Everything contributes to strengthening the process and dynamics of this innovative company. It eliminates the dust and rises above the competition. Playful, dynamic with an imagery you can infinitely use in future expressions. A joy to work on.