Chilit is a young, energetic IT staffing company that works with Java professionals with a passion for craftsmanship. The name Chilit is a contraction of the words ‘Chili’ and ‘IT’. With a nod to Rabobank’s high-performance team: The Hot Peppers, of which the founders were a part.

Why did Chilit approach us?

You only develop a professional brand identity once. And… when you do it, you do it right. Chilit approached us with this in mind. As fortune had it, we had exactly the same perspective on how to establish a strong brand. This mutual click was the starting point for a fruitful collaboration.

Our approach

Together with Chilit, we went back to the core of the organization. During the Deep Dive workshop, we defined the company’s core values and used this input to make several proposals. The result: a young, spirited look. Then we translated the designs into graphics and digital assets, such as logo, corporate identity, website and various gimmicks.

The result

Chilit’s core business is to outsource developers. From here we started looking for what all developers have in common: ‘programming language’ or ‘code’. Each line of code is enclosed by two ‘tags’ (brackets). The new Chilit logo has two chili peppers in the form of tags and a young and dynamic look. The arrows symbolize the link between the employee and client.