Brand manual development

An important part of the branding process is the development of the Brand Manual. This manual contains guidelines for the use and consistent implementation of the corporate identity. A useful document for everyone who will be working with your brand.

What does the Brand manual consist of?

First, a brand manual contains the brand identity and the brand story. It also explains the visual guidelines of the brand using clear examples in text and images. These include the logo, color palette, typography, images, photography and tone of voice.

1. Use of the logo Applications such as large vs small, on dark and light surfaces etc.
2. Typography Defining headings, sub-headings and reading text both for print and digital.
3. Color palette Composing color palette with primary and secondary colors.
4. Layout Area distribution, spacing, shape language, white distribution etc.
5. Photography Establishing photography style, image saturation, area distribution, image focus, etc.
6. Tone of voice In what writing style do we appeal to the target audience? Fast, hip, businesslike, etc.

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