Websites are a crucial marketing component of businesses today. With so many sites, it is important to continue to stand out from the crowd.


Deep develops websites that stand like a house. With a solid structure and an attractive design in which your target group can recognize itself. Moreover, we take care of the entire process from A to Z. Fast, easy and efficient.

A professional website in 5 steps:

Step 1 – Defining the structure
Step 2 – Creation of the designs
Step 3 – Building the website
Step 4 – Content creation
Step 5 – Support, hosting & maintenance

Defining the structure

Step 1

If you create a website you better do it right the first time. It is therefore very important to think about the structure and navigation in the initial phase. We do this by starting with a Keyword Scan. This gives us insight into the search behavior of your target audience. It is the best way to set up a structure that perfectly matches your target group. We then work out the structure, navigation and content of the pages in schematic sketches (wireframes) as a starting point for the next step.

Creation of the designs

Step 2

To create a website that suits you perfectly we want to get to know you to the core. Logo and colors are important but we need much more to get to the bottom of it. What do you stand for? What are your motivations? And what do you want to achieve with the website? To answer these questions we start the creative phase with an (online) introduction and brainstorming session.

Building the website

Step 3

Once the design is ready and all pages are worked out, we can start building the website. Think of: creating pages in WordPress, filling the navigation and installing plug-ins. WordPress gives you the freedom to fill the website with new functionalities.

Content creation

Step 4

A professional website stands or falls with the use of the right content. Think of an image that immediately attracts attention or texts that persuade the visitor to continue reading or to register for a course. We like to think with you to make your website as attractive as possible in terms of content. We look for the right images write the right texts and place them on the relevant pages. If everything is to your liking we put your website live.

Support, hosting & maintenance

Step 5

When the website is online, we are not finished. In fact, now it’s just beginning. To ensure your website runs stable and can be maintained without problems, a reliable hosting party is extremely important. Our technical staff has the necessary specialist knowledge and offers a hosting platform that is fully equipped for WordPress websites. This allows us to guarantee high speeds, good security, a super fast helpdesk and much more.

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