Duif International imports hardware for flowers, plants, interiors, garden and gift articles for retail and wholesale. Founded in 1956, it has grown into a successful company that imports globally.

Why did they come to us?

At Duif everything revolves around interior and styling. Duif’s identity therefore needs a unity with the products they supply. This was our task – a wonderful challenge we picked up with both hands.

How did we tackle it?

As a designer, we want to see, experience and breath a company such as Duif, and so we insisted on an extensive tour of the impressive warehouse. Really getting to know the company is always an important step. Our creativity was stimulated by beautifully shaped vases, decorative flowers and natural objects.

What was the result

A striking identity that radiates the diversity of products. This is immediately reflected in the logo in which the colourful circle symbolises the enormous product range. The colour palette is warm and contains mainly natural shades. We reinforced this aspect by developing a custom-made range of icons that make the products come to life even more. From baskets, to vases, cups and flowers, you’ll find it all at Duif. We translates this into a fresh new style in the most diverse graphic expressions. From complete stationary to website and the signage around the building.