Brand Identity

Avaxa is an independent boutique fully dedicated to debt advisory. Avaxa (re)finances your company, regardless of the stage your company is in.

Why did they come to us?

A new company needs a unique corporate image. Avaxa was looking for an agency to take care of the complete branding process. From name to logo, corporate expressions and the website.

How did we do it?

Debt Advisory is very specific and so it is very important to get deep into the core. What exactly is Debt Advisory? What is the core of the product, what services does Avaxa offer and what makes them unique in this corporate business? By asking focused questions, we went back to the core.

What was the result?

The core always revolves around a downward trend in which companies find themselves, that then turn positive. We depicted this in a logo in which up and down are reflected instantly. This is emphasized in the digital version of the logo. In addition, we opted for a businesslike and subdued colour palette. Result: a sleek and professional identity that will appeal to and convince especially large corporates.