Graymatter is Mark Gray. With over 20 years’ experience in advertising, branding and corporate communications, he is an avid proponent of cutting out the BS. True to brand, new ways of working, culturally-aligned writing, editing and translation. In short – a new and contemporary communicator.

Why did Graymatter approach me?

After years working for his company Englishworks and seven years in corporate as branding and MarCom executive, it was time for Mark to take the next step and offer his services independently. Writing and translation, editing texts, corporate and employer branding with a difference. The perfect opportunity for a new design and image that dovetails the new approach and Graymatter’s deep identity.

How did I handle the task?

To make a brand identity, you have to go back to the core of the company. That’s achieved by digging deep and asking the right questions during a Deep Dive workshop. What drives Mark Gray? Why does he do what he does? And what’s the company’s reason for existence? The answers to these questions deliver the brand values and brand DNA. I used this core to develop the new visual identity. The result? A clear reflection of Graymatter’s core and visual support to transport Mark’s company message and values.

What was the result?

At its core, Graymatter is all about ‘true-to-brand growth’. Stimulating the most fragile of saplings to grow into a strong tree with branches of growth in communications collateral and expansion. The branches also represent ‘gray matter’ – our brain. The left- and right-hand side represent the balance between strategy and people. Natural serene images, a warm, organic colour pallet and irregular delineation give the identity a nurturing, accessible nature. And that’s Mark.