De Huidfactor


De Huidfactor (The Skin Factor) is an attractive professional skin therapy practice in Elst. The practice is specialized in skin therapy care in various skin conditions. The Huidfactor works exclusively with certified therapists to ensure the quality of the treatments.

Why did De Huidfactor approach us?

After years of running a successful skincare practice, with mostly clients from her own network, it was time for Jessica van Delzen of De Huidfactor to take the next step: a new professional website which is not only characterized by an attractive design but will be better found by her target audience on the internet. With the main goal: more online inquiries and thus more sales.

Our approach

A successful, high-performing website always has a well thought-out structure and clear navigation. That is why we always start by making a ‘Keyword scan’. With this scan we map out which keywords are being searched for on the internet by the target group. The result: a list of relevant keywords. On the basis of this list we work out the menu and page layout in the form of ‘structure sketches’.

When the basic structure is in place it is time to design the website. For De Huidfactor we found it important to see the attractive practice with our own eyes first. During the tour it was mainly about soaking up the atmosphere and getting inspired. The best way for a designer to be able to empathize and create designs that stand firm.

The result

A professional website for De Huidfactor that generates new visitors and thus new online bookings. The web design focuses on ‘warmth, care and dedication’. Exactly what makes Jessica’s practice so unique. Design elements such as soft natural tones, detailed photography and graceful lettering give the target audience the confidence to book an appointment for an effective customized skin treatment.